Monday, November 29, 2010

“Where poetry is more than just words”

Save Al Purdy’s Home Tribute

Where poetry is more then just words
Excerpt from And Left a Place to Stand On
(C) Donna Allard &  Nat Hall

To tear the roots of Canadian poetry is
like felling the maple tree
a century of words
left to rot.

His home & verse, trunk and branches
together with his friend Acorn,
our national history grew leaves...
flowers &  fruits as heritage,
from coast to coast,
leagues of poets germinated,
from mountain tops
to glacial crest.

Let's not allow the lumberjack to tear
down trunks or roots will rot
walls of his home, words,
raison d'être...
Canada's national treasures.

Near century trees
left to seed
bright foliage for generations.

And Left a Place to Stand On — The Canada Cuba Literary Alliance is proud to announce “And Left a Place To Stand On”, an anthology of poetry and essays about Al Purdy, published by Hidden Brook Press. This anthology is an A-frame fundraiser book. 100% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to the A-frame Trust. Order directly from the publisher.

Visit Al Purdy Facebook Page Buy a book and support the project!

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