Monday, July 22, 2013

Temp 100' F

Dear blog members,

We hope summer is to your liking and you are not getting to burned!

I wish to thank everyone who supported my gruelling attempt to sign books this weekend in temp's of 100'F or more. Your support and encouragement is much appreciated, except for that one woman who said, "these books are used". Puzzled at her out burst I figured she had heat stroke!

LOL - I don't accept the invisible flame of ignorance!

I wish to apologize for not being able to attend signings at several venues due to circumstances out of my control and I wrote a letter to all explaining the situation. All is good! :)

If you see me around and wish a copy of, 'From Shore to Shoormal', just drop over and ask. There is always an extra copy in my purse. 

Now lets enjoy this summer to its fullest!

All good things,
Donna Allard

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