Saturday, October 26, 2013

   Salty Sounds Cafe
 October 26th 2013
Chatam, N.B. Canada
@ Raymond Fraser 
Launch / Signing 

Gosh will I ever take a good photo lol. Did anyone notice how tall I am...
lol Joe is sitting on a table so we don't look like mutt and Jeff.. 

I spent the afternoon at Salty Sounds Cafe/Kitchen Party place Chatam NB with author Raymond Fraser at his 'Bliss' signing. So many people dropped over, amazing little place! We traded books Ray is a very sweet person I can't wait 
to hear him read later in Fton. Had a photo op too. 
My publisher Joe Blades, Broken Jaw Press, was wonderful as usual 
and showed me all the photos he took when he launched our book, 
'From Shore To Shoormal' at the Shetland Islands UK last August 
with coauthor Nat Hall. 

What a beautiful island it is! And the beer is really good I hear.

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