Saturday, January 5, 2013

What people are saying about "From Shore to Shoormal".

- 'War Musket Grass', "Evocative and haunting, Donna." ~Jan Steckel

Bravo Donna, excellent poem 'War Musket Grass', ~Goran Simic  

- 'War Musket Grass' Beautiful. Particularly enamoured of the lines "Come walk with me, sense a presence, their memory dancing with tides, like a final oratory along red cliffs & grassy shores." ~Candice James

- It is lovely. I actually gave it as a gift to my bilingual son-in-law & daughter and nearly asked for it back. ;) Will order my own copy next month. ~Ruth E. Walker 

- From "Shore to Shroomal," has just arrived!! I am looking forward to spending some time this evening, reading these poetic gems from Donna Allard and Nat Hall.... It looks wonderful, Donna! I am loving Acadian Rose right this very minute!!  ~Paulette C Turcotte  "I love my copy... and the sheer brilliance of this combo...."

- I am currently reading this lovely book of poems. Written in two voices, Donna Allard writes on the coastal fringe in New Brunswick, Canada, & Nat Hall walks and writes by her shoormal, somewhere on the 60th parallel in her windswept Shetland Islands, Scotland’s most northerly archipelago “Shore” 

I simply love cuddling up by the fire and reading from beginning to end. One quick read led me to one slow read, embracing each word. A wee bit challenging for me to read the French side, it has been many years since my last French class, regardless, the sounds were mesmerizing. 

I feel a deep longing after my second read, it takes me back to my own roots, Italy, my desires to revisit my first ‘home’ 

It evokes a hunger to hear my native tongue. The authors voices are heard internally, it matters not if one understands each word. The lyrical presence takes over. I am enjoying a third read today.

Thank you to Donna Allard and Nat Hall for this wonderful gem. I so enjoyed the read! 
~Filomena ThePoet  

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